Brentwood Tree Farms
Serving TN and Surrounding Areas

Need a new tree Installed? Not only do we transplant trees on your property, we also have a vast network of nurseries that we work with to bring you the perfect tree for your needs. Whether it’s a single small tree to over 100 trees for a privacy screen, we’ve got you covered! In most cases, when we use our tree spades to bring you a tree, we will start with getting your utilities located to make sure the tree goes in a suitable area.

Once we have a location picked, we will bring the truck to the site and dig the plug of dirt where the tree will go. We take that dirt to the nursery where we dump it and then dig the tree. Once the tree has been tarped and secured for travel, we will bring it to your site and set the tree in the open hole. We can also order full landscape shipments. From shrubs, bushes, and small trees, we can bring whatever plant material you need to your property!