Brentwood Tree Farms
Serving TN and Surrounding Areas

1) 90” Big John Tree Spade

Our 90” Big John Tree Spade Truck is our largest tree spade. This spade is capable of moving trees up to 10” caliper. A tree’s caliper is the measurement of the tree’s trunk width, or diameter measured 1’ above ground level. In most cases, trees that are moved with this spade range from 20’-30’ tall.

2) 65” Big John Tree Spade Truck.

This spade is capable of moving trees up to 6”  caliper. This spade works excellent in areas that we can’t get our 90” truck in. This truck weighs less as well, so for properties with bridges or weak driveways, this is a great choice. The 6” caliper trees can range in height from 15’-20’ tall.

3) 44” Big John Tree Spade Skidsteer Mount.

This spade is capable of moving trees up to 4” caliper. This spade is great for on-site transplanting of smaller trees and bushes. This spade is mounted to our Kubota SVL95 rubber-tracked skidsteer. This machine is great for low impact moves. Like all our spades, we can dig and basket trees and bushes for nurseries and homeowners.

4) Hand Digging / Equipment Digging / Crane Moves.

Spades are great for Digging and moving trees and bushes, but sometimes we have to dig material by other methods. Our Kubota KX040 Mini Excavator works great for digging trees that our spades can not dig. Conditions such as tight areas, poor access, and low and wide limb structures are some examples when hand digging and equipment digging is necessary. Hand digging is not just for small trees either! When trees are too large for our spades, they can be excavated, balled and burlaped, and loaded by cranes or large front loaders. Whatever size tree you have, give us a call to see the best option for moving it!


Key Benefits of the Service

The tree spade has revolutionized the process of transplanting trees by making the process easier and more cost-effective to dig and transplant trees. Since the root ball is preserved with less disturbance, the success rate of transplanting with a tree spade is also the highest.